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Premier Business Lending has extensive experience in working with restaurant owners across the country. We not only can fund new and used restaurant equipment but we can also provide the working capital you may need for operational costs.

Did you buy equipment cash? We can help! If you purchased within the last 60 days we can provide a sale leaseback in order to put the cash back in your pocket.

Premier Business Lending works with Franchises and Chain Restaurants as well.

Restaurant equipment and operational costs funding
We provide funding for new and used restaurant equipment as well as working capital to cover operational costs.
Restaurant Success
PBL is committed to ensuring your restaurant is successful. We want to be your long-term financing partner!

Premier Business Lending is devoted to sticking by your side for the long haul, ensuring you can capitalize on new business opportunities as they develop. Here are some valuable uses to put restaurant financing to work in your business:

  • Upgrading your kitchen with new equipment
  • Opening or expanding to a new location
  • Improving your inventory
  • Overcoming short-term cash gaps
  • Renovating or remodeling your existing establishment
  • Paying off outstanding debt

Few industries are as competitive as the restaurant business. Attracting guests and keeping them coming back for more requires more than superior culinary skills.

It also takes the very best restaurant equipment, tools and facilities.

But top-quality restaurant equipment is expensive, and can put a serious crunch on your cash flow. That’s why you need a restaurant equipment financing partner with extensive industry knowledge and the ability to custom-fit a funding program that is just right for your situation and needs.

That’s where Premier Business Lending comes in.

restaurant equipment financing
Premier Business Lending can easily and quickly get you the financing you need for your restaurant equipment and facilities.
customized restaurant equipment financing
No matter what your situation or needs, PBL will custom-fit a restaurant equipment financing program that fits your specific needs and situation.

At Premier Business Lending, we understand how critical your restaurant equipment, tools and facilities are to the success of your business.

You have hungry clients to impress and keep returning, and that takes the ability to purchase the right restaurant equipment and tools and put them to work when you need them.

Our expert and experienced team of professionals will put together a custom-fit restaurant equipment financing and leasing program that perfectly fits your situation and needs. 

For starters, we can provide the financing you need in less than 72 hours. And in a pinch, we can even provide next day funding.

When you need working capital for new or used restaurant equipment such as specialized ovens, serving tools or other commercial restaurant essentials, PBL has you covered so you can stay on track.

And when new opportunities come up, we make sure you have the assets and capability you need to compete so your restaurant can grow and thrive.

Just getting your restaurant off the ground? Then you really need to understand the many financing options available to you.

This understanding can make or break your business, so it’s critical to have a professional on your team that can put together a flexible financing program that’s just right for you and your needs.

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    100% Purchase Financing
    Free up your capital for other essential business uses.

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    Application Only
    Get up to $500,000 in restaurant equipment financing with a simple one-page application.

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    Up to $3 Million in Financing
    Just provide straightforward financial information and the money is in your account.

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    Next Day Funding
    We can even pre-fund for equipment vendors.

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    Flexible Payment Terms
    Choose the payment option that’s best for you, from 12 to 72 months.

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    $0 Down Payment
    Qualified borrowers can conserve working capital.

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    Low Financing Rates
    We offer the lowest financing rates in the industry for qualified borrowers.

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    Broad Eligibility
    We provide financing on the widest range of new and used restaurant equipment.

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    No Personal Reporting
    Your personal credit rating won’t be affected when you finance through us.

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    No Prepayment Penalites
    Want to pay off your restaurant equipment financing early? No problem. You won’t be charged a prepayment penalty.

Our access to the widest range of funding options and sources means PBL can put together the best possible restaurant equipment financing package for you and your business. 

Have credit issues? No problem. We have restaurant equipment financing programs available for every credit situation.

As specialists in restaurant equipment financing, we understand how important current, reliable restaurant equipment and related resources are to your success. Our detailed knowledge of the restaurant industry means that we can help you get the financing you need whenever necessary.

To us, you’re a partner, not just a client. So if you need a highly experienced and involved financing partner on your team, or just want to explore your options, get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

financing for any restaurant business
Whatever your needs, PBL can put together a restaurant equipment financing program that's just right for you and your situation.

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