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Loan Sizes up to $5MM with documentation with fleet pricing
Construction Equipment Financing of up to $250,000 App Only
No docs. Rates as low as 5.75%. New or Used Equipment
Terms 36 months – 72 Months
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CFL licensed with an A BBB rating

Equipment acquisition financing and leasing

Find financing for the following business needs:

Working capital loans and leases
Sale and leaseback
Specialized loans, involving balloon or seasonal payments

Dealer inventory finance programs
Rental fleet finance programs
Financing throughout the United States and Canada – in both U.S. and Canadian dollars

Targeted market segment financing

Get financial services designed specifically for your business. We offer solutions for:

Construction contractors

Equipment distributors and rental companies

Construction equipment manufacturers

Construction equipment expertise

Work with financing specialists who regularly finance construction equipment used for:

Highway and street construction

Site preparation and excavation

Concrete and asphalt

Utility contracting

Bridge and tunnel construction

Sand and gravel production

Dump Trucks | Large Dozers | Large Excavators | Large Wheel Loaders | Used Equipment | Technology Solutions | Crane | Heavy Equipment

Construction and heavy equipment financing can be a time-consuming and frustrating challenge.

But with everything you have on your plate, you need to be able to get the financing you need quickly, easily and with a minimum of paperwork and hassle.

That’s where PBL comes in.

construction and heavy equipment financing
Premier Business Lending can quickly get you the financing you need for your construction and heavy equipment needs.
heavy equipment financing strategy
At Premier Business Lending, we develop a custom-fit heavy equipment financing strategy individualized to the specific needs and situation of each client.

At Premier Business Lending, we understand how critical your construction and heavy equipment is to the success of your business.

You have schedules to meet and projects to complete, and that’s why you should have us on your team.

Our expert and experienced team of professionals will put together a custom-fit financing and leasing program that perfectly fits your situation and needs. 

For starters, we can get you the construction and heavy equipment financing you need in less than 72 hours. And in a pinch, we can even provide next day funding.

When your equipment fails on the job and needs to be replaced quickly, PBL has you covered so you can stay on schedule.

And when new project opportunities come up, we understand you need to quickly get the equipment necessary to compete so your business can grow and thrive.

Just getting your construction business off the ground? Then you really need to understand the many construction and heavy equipment financing options available to you.

This understanding can make or break your business, so it’s critical to have a professional on your team that can put together a flexible financing program that’s just right for you and your needs.

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    100% Purchase Financing
    Free up your capital for other essential business uses.

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    Application Only
    Get up to $250,000 in heavy equipment financing with a simple one-page application.

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    Up to $3 Million in Financing
    Just provide straightforward financial information and the money is in your account.

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    Next Day Funding
    We can even pre-fund for equipment vendors.

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    Flexible Payment Terms
    Choose the payment option that’s best for you, from 12 to 72 months.

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    $0 Down Payment
    Qualified borrowers can conserve working capital.

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    Low Financing Rates
    We offer the lowest financing rates in the industry for qualified borrowers.

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    Broad Eligibility
    We provide financing on the widest range of new and used heavy equipment.

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    No Personal Reporting
    Your personal credit rating won’t be affected when you finance through us.

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    No Prepayment Penalites
    Want to pay off your equipment early? No problem. You won’t be charged a prepayment penalty.

Our access to the widest range of funding options and sources means PBL can put together the best possible construction or heavy equipment financing package for you and your business. 

Have credit issues? No problem. We have heavy equipment financing programs available for every credit situation.

As specialists in heavy equipment financing, we understand how important current, reliable equipment is to your success.

Our detailed knowledge of the construction industry, heavy equipment financing, and our extensive experience with the resale market means that we can help you upgrade easily and affordably wherever and whenever necessary.

To us, you’re a partner, not just a client. So if you need a heavy equipment financing partner on your team, or just want to explore your options, get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

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