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Semi-Truck Financing

App Only $250K

Owner Operators (homeowners) financing

New and Used Trucks and Trailers

Rates starting at 5% 

Deferred payments available

$0 Down

Terms: 60 months

Tow-Truck Financing

Wreckers, tow trucks, rollbacks and towing equipment

Purchase and full operating leases available

Trak Lease

Rates starting at 5% 

$0 Down Payments

Deferred Payments

Vocational Truck Financing

EFA or Leases Available

Fleet Pricing with flexible payment options

Rates starting at 4.99%

Deferred Payments

No Maximum Amount Financed



Transportation and trucking is the lifeblood of the American economy.  Nearly 80% of all the freight in America is moved by truck, and nearly 6 percent of all the full-time jobs in the country are in the trucking industry.

Yet along with its many rewards, running a commercial trucking business has its challenges, especially when you need capital to grow and take advantage of new opportunities.

But with Premier Business Lending, you can get the commercial trucking financing you need quickly and easily.

Truck Loans for Any Situation
No matter what your situation, PBL is the partner you need for custom-fit trucking financing.
Trucking Financing Made Easy
Whether you need a single truck or an entire fleet, PBL makes trucking and transportation financing fast and easy.

At Premier Business Lending, we understand how critical your trucks and related equipment and facilities are to the success of your trucking business.

You have schedules to meet and projects to complete, and that’s why you should have us on your team.

Our expert and experienced team of professionals will put together a custom-fit trucking financing and leasing program that perfectly fits your situation and needs. 

We are solely and completely focused on getting you the financing you need as quickly as possible, and with the best possible terms. 

For starters, we can get you the trucking financing you need in less than 72 hours. And in a pinch, we can even provide next day funding.

When you need working capital for new trucks, repairs or asset upgrades or replacement, PBL has you covered so you can stay on the road and on schedule.

And when new opportunities come up, we make sure you have the trucks and necessary assets to compete so your trucking business can grow and thrive.

Just getting your trucking business off the ground? Then you really need to understand the many trucking financing options available to you.

This understanding can make or break your trucking business, so it’s critical to have a professional on your team that can put together a flexible financing program that’s just right for you and your needs.

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    100% Purchase Financing
    Free up your capital for other essential business uses.

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    Application Only
    Get up to $500,000 in trucking financing with a simple one-page application.

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    Up to $3 Million in Financing
    Just provide straightforward financial information and the money is in your account.

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    Next Day Funding
    We can even pre-fund for equipment vendors.

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    Flexible Payment Terms
    Choose the payment option that’s best for you, from 12 to 72 months.

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    $0 Down Payment
    Qualified borrowers can conserve working capital.

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    Low Financing Rates
    We offer the lowest financing rates in the industry for qualified borrowers.

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    Broad Eligibility
    We provide financing on the widest range of new and used trucks and related equipment.

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    No Personal Reporting
    Your personal credit rating won’t be affected when you finance through us.

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    No Prepayment Penalites
    Want to pay off your trucking financing early? No problem. You won’t be charged a prepayment penalty.

Our access to the widest range of funding options and sources means PBL can put together the best possible trucking financing package for you and your business. 

Have credit issues? No problem. We have trucking financing programs available for every credit situation.

As specialists in trucking financing, we understand how important current, reliable trucking and related resources are to your success. Our detailed knowledge of the trucking and transportation industry and trucking financing means that we can help you get the financing you need whenever necessary.

To us, you’re a partner, not just a client. So if you need a highly experienced and involved financing partner on your team, or just want to explore your options, get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

Whatever your needs, PBL can put together a transportation financing program that's just right for you and your situation.

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