The Benefits of Vendor Relationships

Your vendors are critical to your success in the market and your profits; they are at the heart of many of your organization’s processes and activities. However, you might not consider how important it is to effectively manage your relationships with them. Also, procurement should be considered as a part of your overall business strategy. Doing so will have a myriad of beneficial effects.

Creating loyal relationships with good vendors are hard to come by. When you’re working with excellent vendors, you should be doing everything you can to strengthen your relationships with them and build loyalty. With effective vendor relationships, you can ensure efficiencies that lead to smooth processes, which can help you and your business.

In addition to the benefits, the key to realizing these benefits is finding a financial partner who can help you make equipment financing a fundamental part of your sales strategy.

Vendors are a crucial part of a successful sales strategy. Creating and maintaining meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with them will lead to increased business for you as well as the vendor. You will also gain recurring business from your loyal customer base while solidifying a strong reputation in your industry and network. In today’s world of online information and resources, having vendors who can recommend you and make you stand out from everyone else is extremely valuable.


  • Consistent order volumes
  • Constant, linear demand
  • Better financial standing than most businessness
  • Market recognition as an approved vendor
  • Equipment manufacturers have a large client list

GROWING YOUR BUSINESS WITH VENDORS AND PREMIER BUSINESS LENDING – A well-structured business finance program, with a strong, experienced partner is a great way to grow your business. Financing is a powerful sales tool, which, when used correctly, can take your business to the next level.

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Forecasts Continued Growth for Trucking, Freight Economy

Today, the American Trucking Associations released its latest forecast for the next decade of freight transportation, projecting continued growth for freight transportation overall and for the trucking industry. As the U.S. population grows and the economy increases with it, we will see continued gains in demand for freight transportation.

Freight Transportation Forecast 2017

  • Follow that up with 3.4% annual growth through 2023
  • Modest growth rate of 2.3 % in 2017
  • ATA projects that 15.18 billion tons of freight will be moved
  • Figures will rise 36.6% to 20.73 billion tons in 2028

While overall truck volumes will continue to rise, and trucking will remain the dominant freight mode its share of freight tonnage will dip to 67.2% by 2028, with pipelines picking up most of the additional market share, and, to a lesser extent, rail intermodal. As we look ahead at the rest of the 21st Century, the projections found in Freight Transportation Forecast are invaluable to decision makers in the board room and the hearing room alike. Having good, accurate data is critical to making sure businesses are making appropriate investments in their companies and that our government is making the proper investments in our nation’s infrastructure.

Over the forecast period, capacity shortfalls will develop. We are starting to see some selected tightness in freight handling capacity, enough to suggest that capacity expansion will be required if the modes are going to be able to handle anticipated growth. American Trucking Associations is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry. Through a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations and industry-related conferences and councils, ATA is the voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation’s freight.