Premier Business Lending – A 2016 Leader in Business Loans

Premier Business Lending wraps up inaugural year as a leader in the small business lending space in El Dorado Hills California.

Premier Business Lending had a strong start to 2016 while moving operations from Southern California to the quite but flourishing community of El Dorado Hills California. Premier specializes in small business lending and cultivating long standing partnerships with today’s small business owner. Chris Wilcox, Managing Partner with Premier Business Lending said “Our goal is to become a true turn key financial company for medium to small business in the US. Today’s financial marketplace has many loan options available for business owners however it is not always a simple decision for these owners. They need guidance from a professional that will put their best interest first. This is one of the principles in which Premier was founded.”
Though Premier Business Lending is finishing its true first year in Business, the experience of professionals in which work within Premier is much to be appreciated. Eric Jenkins, Senior Managing Partner has been in the financial space for over 20 years. Eric and Chris have been working with one another for over a decade with many successful ventures created along the way. Together they decided to create a company within a market that is not only flourishing but needs capable leadership.

Premier Business Lending’s Core products are Equipment financing and leasing, Alternative Financing, SBA products, Franchise Financing and Term Loans. Premier also has established credible partnerships with several of the industry leading Vendors. These Vendors have confidence knowing that if they need Premiers help in securing financing for their customers, they are going to receive that help along with A rated service and competitive pricing.
Chris Wilcox says “The bank partnerships we have created with Premier has really helped set us apart, we are able to pre-underwrite, review in credit and then be sure we have the proper product for our customer all while getting done 2-8 days quicker than a traditional bank.”

What does 2017 have in store for the new company on the block, Premier Business Lending? Expansion into a larger facility for one. Also, while Premier had a strong 2016 with over $10 million in funding’s, Premier is looking to triple that number in 2017. Mr. Jenkins stated “that most broker entities steer away from providing actual retail locations in which customers can come in and meet face to face”. Premier encourages that and is looking to have locations in which we offer just that. Premier will offer all local business owners and vendors a bank like experience where you can sit down with a finance consultant in person to discuss their goals.
In a sometimes crowded and confusing financial industry, it looks as though Premier Business Lending is one of the good guys and are here to stay!